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Using Virtual Tour Images and Sound

Virtual Tour | Sound

Virtual Tour Images: (Created with Live Picture's "Photo Vista" Panorama creation program) Photo Vista purchase and softward details.

Important: Before you attempt to create virtual tour images review the virtual tour creation guidelines Image Guidelines.

Your Remote Control website features the ability to upload Virtual Reality panorama images from your PC directly to the specific gallery page in your website where you want them to appear.  You can only use the Live Picture "Photo Vista" Virtual Panorama images in the Photo Galleries section of your website.  The upload process is the same no matter to which gallery/exhibit you are uploading your image. 

When you create an panorama image with the Photo Vista" panorama creation program, two files are actually created in the process. You must use the images EXACTLY as they are created in the PhotoVista program. You will need to upload both files that are created by the PhotoVista program. example:
my_panorama.ivr and

To upload a virtual "Live Pic" image, you must first go to the exact gallery and exhibit where you want the image to appear.

IMPORTANT: Before you stitch your individual images using Photo Vista, make sure the individual pre-stitch photos are no larger then 320 pixels wide and/or 220 pixels high.  I you don't do this the finished virtual tour image will be too large and either take too long to display or won't display at all.

(NOTE: Don't re-name any image file stitched with PhotoVista after it has been created, or it will not display in the actual website.)

Once you have the gallery editor on the screen, simply select "New Live Pic" from the image selector of the exhibit you are planning to upload the image.

You will see a new mini-window appear.  This window displays a text box for both the files needed to upload a Virtual Panorama Image.   You can type in the exact path and file name of the image.jpg and image.ivr files you wish to upload (hard) or click on the Browse Buttons (easy).

When you create an panorama image with the Photo Vista" panorama creation program, two files are actually created in the process. my_panorama.ivr and my_panorama.jpg
(You need to upload both).

Simply navigate to the location on you computer that you have placed the .ivr file you wish to upload and then click on the open button.

Repeat this process for the .jpg file.

Once the correct files have been selected, click on the upload button.  In a few seconds, you will see a message showing you your files have been successfully uploaded. 

Note:   The time to upload an file will depend on the actual images file size as well as your  internet connection speed.  14.4, 28.8, 33.6, 56k, ISDN, Cable, DSL, Etc.   It can range from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.  The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 200kb.

In order to actually see the the virtual panorama, you will have to Update and then Publish.  Some of the editor pages can preview the image, and others can only be viewed on the actual website after the publish process has taken place.