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Understanding your E-mail Options
Editor Screen
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E-mail Options

A word about E-mail: When you are new to the internet, one of the most confusing issues is E-mail and how (why) it works.  E-mail as actually much easier than it seems.   Your remote control website package includes separate E-mail accounts. (Lite package includes 4 e-mail accounts; Pro & Pro-plus packages include 10 e-mail accounts).  Each e-mail account has its own settings and password.  You can also setup additional E-mail accounts at a small monthly fee each.

Pre-set E-mail boxes:  When you receive your new Remote Control website, 3 of the available 10 E-mail boxes are already setup.  These are.. All the forms as well as the E-mail lcon link on the home page use this mail address Whenever ASAP is selected as the preferred call back time on any of the forms, a copy of that  message is sent to the page E-mail box as well as the info E-mail box. Any E-mail addressed to an E-mail address that does not actually exist is sent to the admin E-mail box.

For each of the above and all active E-mail accounts, you can choose to have these accounts hold the E-mail until you choose to check it or forward all E-mail to another E-mail account.

E-mail Forwarding:  Example - If you want to use your E-mail address called on your business cards and business correspondence, etc., but want the E-mail to show up in your current E-mail box,  you would choose the option of E-mail forwarding for the info E-mail box.

You could check your E-mail the same way you do now, however anything addressed to would appear as well as the E-mail actually addressed to

Until you are ready to take advantage of the more advanced E-mail options, you might want to set-up the admin, info and page E-mail boxes to forward to a single E-mail account so you only have to check one E-mail box to receive all your E-mail.

Hold Mail:

In order to retrieve and read E-mail held at your website, you will need an E-mail program on your computer that understands POP3 mail standards.  Some, but not all include "Outlook Express" (included with Internet Explore 4.0+), "Netscape Mail", "Internet Mail", "Netscape Colabra" (included in Netscape 4.0+), Eudora, Goldmine, Act and many more.  You will need to refer to the help documentation that came with your E-mail program to configure that E-mail program correctly.

Unfortunately AOL does not use standard POP3 E-mail so if your only E-mail program is AOL your only option is to have all E-mail forwarded to your AOL E-mail address.

Your E-mail program will need to know certain information in order to be able to retrieve and read E-mail held at  We will use as an example the E-mail box named and assume you access the internet using Earthlink.

Incoming (POP3) mail server:
*Outgoing or Sending (SMPT) mail server:
Account or mailbox name:
Password:  You can setup/change any password you choose.

*you will need to obtain your Outgoing SMPT server name from the ISP that provides your connection to the internet.

E-mail Paging:  In order to use this feature you must obtain a pager or cell phone that supports Alpha Numeric Display features as well obtain an E-mail-to-pager E-mail address from a pager of cellular phone company.  They usually provide an E-mail address that looks something like this: . Any E-mail addressed to that address will show up on your pager or Cell phone.

To configure your website to use your E-mail-to-pager E-mail account, simply setup your E-mail box to forward all E-mail to your E-mail-to-pager E-mail address.

Add new E-mail Accounts. You can add as many new E-mail accounts as you need using the E-mail Editor Remote Control Center.  The first 10 are included in your basic monthly rate.  Additional accounts will incur a small additional monthly charge.

E-mail Editor- Remote Control Center

To access the E-mail Editor you must first click on  Edit E-mail Account from the Main Editor Tool Bar drop down box.

The E-mail Editor screen will now appear.

E-mail Account Selector: Select  an existing E-mail account from the drop down list to edit or select to add a new account.

E-mail Account Name:  This is a one word name.  It is best to use lower case.

Full E-mail Address:  This is the actual E-mail address you would use for this account.

Password:   You will need to remember this password to be able to retrieve E-mail using your E-mail program.

E-mail Forwarding:  If you want all E-mail sent to this account forwarded to another E-mail address, enter that E-mail address(s) here.  You can forward to more than one E-mail address. Just separate using a comma.

Update Mail Box(s) Button.  After adding or changing information, you must click on this button to save your changes.

De/Re Activate Button:  You can de-activate a mailbox at any time.   Later you can re-activate it to reuse or rename for another user.

Close E-mail Editor Button:  When you have finished with the E-mail editor, click on this button to close out of the E-mail Editor.