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Instructions for the Special Links Page Editor Screen

To edit the Special Links Page Module of your website you must first click on the Special Links Page link (or whatever you have named it) from either the contents section or from the "Edit Page Listing" screen to bring the Special Links Page into the Main Viewing Area.  Note- It is much more efficient to use the "Edit Contents Page" screen.

edit_my_website.gif (15289 bytes)

edit_page_listing.gif (21490 bytes)

Once the Special Links Page appears in the Main Viewing Section select "Edit Main Page" from the drop down box.  

The Special Links Page Editor screen will now appear.

Each Special Links Module includes a Page Header text box, Page Description text box, and three separate link groupings.  Each grouping can contain up to 6 separate hyperlinks.

Page Header Text Box:  This is where you type the ONE LINE page header for your special links page.

Page Description Text Box:  This is the text box that can be used to describe the entire page.  You are not limited to the amount of text you can insert in this area.  You can also enter simple HTML tags to spice up the page.

Group Header Text Box: This is where you type the ONE LINE description of the group of links.

Group Position Drop Down Selector: If after you have completed your group information you want to change its order on the page, you use this tool.

Link Description Text Boxes:  This is where you type the ONE LINE description of the of the site you will be HyperLinking to.

Link URL Text Boxes:  This is where you type the actual and complete URL (Website(page)) address. e.g. .  This text will not appear on the actual webpage.  Only the description text box appears visible.   The page you link to will appear by default in the lower part of your website and your Banner will remain on top.  This is called "Framing".  You may need to obtain permission from the website you are linking to use this feature.  You can also use special HTML tags to cause the linked page to appear in a different location or not framed at all. See targeting.

Theme Color: You can also choose from a number of different "Theme Colors" for the Newsletter page.  The theme color does not have to be the same for each page in your website.

Preview your changes:  You can at any time preview your changes by clicking on the  "Update" button.  To continue editing after you have selected update, select "Edit Main Page" from the dropdown box on the Editor Main Toolbar.


Publish your changes:  Once you are satisfied with your page, click on the update button to get to the preview screen.   Once there, click on the flashing Publish button.

Cancel:  If you decide that you don't want to keep any of the changes you have made, click on the Cancel button. Important:  Selecting the Cancel button will cancel all changes you have made since the last time you Published, not just the changes on the Special Links Page.

Publish process.  The publish process makes the changes to your actual website.  You will know when the process is finished because you will no longer see the Publish button.  Instead you will see a Home button.  You can click on the Home button to see the true website to review you changes.  

If you want to continue with editing your site, just hit your back button until you are again at the Main Editor Page.   It is a good idea to click  the browser's refresh button before you continue editing.