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Adding Sound
Guidelines for Remote Control Series Websites

Here are the instructions for using sound in your Remote Control website:

You can upload a sound clip (file) for use on selected pages in your Remote Control Series website.  The process is similar to that of uploading an image to the website. 

Your Remote Control Website supports MIDI sound files (.mid).  These type of files are very small and will only slightly increase the time it takes to load the page.  They also do not require a special plug-in program in order for the website visitor to hear the music.

MIDI files are not easy to create and require specialized skills however there are many resources on the internet where you can obtain MIDI files for free or a reasonable price. 

Midi Resources and Websites:

Remember that the larger the MIDI music clip you upload to your website, the longer the page will take to display. 20-30 k is as large as you should use.

Pages that support MIDI (.mid) sound in your Remote Control Website.

  • Home Page
  • Newsletter Page
  • Staff Page Us
  • Customize It Form
  • About Us

To add sound to the a page in your website, go to the Remote Control Editor and bring up that page in the main viewing section.

Once you are on the page where you want to add the sound select "Edit Main Page" from the Editor Main Toolbar.   Then look for the Audio Selector Drop Down Box.

edit_audio1.gif (16944 bytes)

To add a new sound clip, select "New Audio".  You can also select a previously uploaded sound file or select "No Audio" if you do not want sound on this page.

edit_audio2.gif (5665 bytes)

When you select "New Audio", new page will appear.  Click on the Browse button to find and select the .mid sound file you want to upload to this page.

edit_audio3.gif (11789 bytes)

edit_audio4.gif (19865 bytes)

Once you have selected the file to be uploaded, click on the upload button.  When the upload is complete, you will be able to hear the music once you do an update.

edit_audio5.gif (20362 bytes)

Once you have uploaded the MIDI sound file and updated the page, you can publish.  Everyone that visits the webpage will now hear the sound clip if their computer is able to play sound.  If they can't play sound, the page will operate as before.