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Using Virtual Tours (Panorama's)

Additional information on Photo Vista, Ipix and Egg Solution Virtual Tour Products and Software can be found on our
 Useful Products page

Your Remote Control website supports hosting your Photo Vista, Ipix and Egg Solution virtual tour (panoramas) directly on your website.  This means that you don't need a third party to host the pages that display your tours.  This is an advantage because you have complete control over the placement of the tours, the information displayed with the tours, the length of time the tours are displayed, and of course the cost, as there are no additional charges when you upload and display tours on your Remote Control website.

Sample Gallery for supported Virtual Tours

Guide for Photo Vista Tours

Guide for Ipix Tours

Guide for Egg Solution Tours

Linking to your tour page:  If you don't wish to create and host your own Virtual Tours, and your virtual tour provider simply provides you a URL address to your tour pages, you can add a hyperlink to those tours on any page of your remote control website.  See adding hyperlinks to your webpages.